Friday, February 17, 2017


false eyelashes for Secret Garden--and for dramatic selfies to send her mother

1- she is extremely loyal to her friends and her brothers

2- she likes to wear bright and bold lipstick

3- she is impervious to peer pressure (which is a good or bad thing, depending on whether or not you are trying to talk her into something)

4- she is a good ally (also, wouldn't want her as an enemy)

5- she is good with words (grammar, portmanteau words, pithy texts)

6- she has a tender heart (she burst into tears when she learned Braeden was coming home)

7- she is seriously independent

8- she doesn't sugarcoat things (if looks could kill...)

9- when she gives you a hug, it feels like everything is going to be all right

10- she fills our house with music

11- I don't know anyone who can sleep in as effectively as she can

12- she likes to speak French

13- her friends text her when they need cheering up--she invites them over and makes them toast or popcorn and soon they're laughing

14- she wants to see the world

15- she has strong opinions but will listen to other people who disagree with her

16- she loves her job

17- she likes cherry cake for her birthday

18- I love that birthday girl!

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Anonymous said...

You forgot to say that She's just beautiful.


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