Thursday, February 2, 2017


Having teenagers means a constant parade of unpredictable happenings.  It's sort of fun.  Emma posted on Facebook recently that her "bustle is bigger than her aspirations":

It's a formidable dress.  She has a cloth to represent cholera for part of the show and she discovered she can just stow it behind her bustle.

I'm excited for Secret Garden.  It's next week and I'm proud of my girl.  She auditioned for and didn't get cast in every musical up until now.  She is a lesson in perseverance and grit.  I am (sadly) missing a concert of Clarissa's so I can go to every possible performance of Emma's show.  Emma thinks I'm crazy.  "Just go to the concert."

I think when she's a mother and her daughter is a senior in her first and last high school musical, she'll probably understand.


Emma, phone dropper extraordinaire, finally put her battered and cracked phone aside and inherited Adam's old phone.  After careful research she bought a sturdy case and a screen protector.  So far so good.

Mark brought home a cracked screen protector he'd procured from one of his friends.  His aim was to trick Emma into thinking her screen was cracked.  He had to wait a few days for the trick because Girl is never really separated from her phone.  When we had our girl party here the other night, Emma and Clarissa were singing at the piano and Emma's phone was left on the table.  With a gleam in his eye, Mark saw his chance.  I asked Emma to get her phone and she freaked out.  "What happened?" she sort of shrieked.  "I did NOT do this!"  She stared in horror at her phone.

"What?" I asked. "Show me."

She showed me her apparently cracked phone screen and she kept saying, "How did this happen?!?"

Mark nonchalantly walked over and said, "Here, let me see."  He inspected the screen and then peeled off the cracked screen protector.

Emma fell to the floor in relief.  She just lay there for awhile.


In further proof that he didn't get it from me, Mark's favorite parts of each day are dodge ball and P.E.  Who is that kid?  (He also loves history and that makes him feel a little less alien.)  Yesterday he told me about Kaden who was the self proclaimed best basketball player in 8th grade.  Then Ty moved here from Pennsylvania.  Yesterday Ty challenged Kaden to a game of one on one and beat him soundly.  Then they played basketball in P.E. and Kaden picked Mark first for his team.

I told Mark I was always picked last in P.E. and Mark looked at me with a shocked expression.  He didn't know what to think about me and I didn't know what to think about him.


Maybe a year and a half ago?  Emma and her friend Adri were extras in the filming of a movie.  It's set in the nineties and Emma wore one of Adam's shirts (that he wore in the 90s).  She pulled it out of Braeden's closet because he had been wearing it.  It's kind of the shirt that keeps on giving.

Here are Emma and Adri, in the trailer!

I love those cute 90s girls.


Mark and Emma frequently try on political stances for size.  We discuss.  Sometimes they get mad when we challenge them.  Sometimes they nod in recognition when we speak something that resonates with them.  Sometimes they convince me of their idea.


Mark is the perfect antidote for discouragement.  I was feeling a bit downcast.  It's just been so busy and is not letting up and I like margins.  Mark knows I'm downcast without me telling him and he texted his dad about ways to cheer me up.  Really all I needed was time with my two guys.  (Emma was at work.)


Emma bought fake eyelashes (on a Walmart trip excursion with Adri).  Mark wants to take cross training as an elective next year.  (seriously)

You just never know what will happen next.

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