Thursday, February 16, 2017

How things are going

Since Braeden is still a missionary, Adam and I are his companions.  He's stuck to us like glue.  Yesterday I had to go to the junior high for a meeting with a counselor to discuss Mark's schedule for next year.  (Freshman year + my baby = how did this happen?!?)

I took my sidekick along.  Here's a truth I've discovered:  if you want to cause double takes and strange sideways did-I-just-see-what-I-think-I-saw looks, take a tall missionary into a junior high.

We sat down with the counselor and I explained the nature of my companion and she totally understood and wanted to know all about his mission.   Because Utah County.


Braeden and Emma wanted to watch home movies and wondered if I wanted to join them.  I said I had some cleaning to do.  (Since things have been so topsy turvy, I'm a little behind the times on housework.)

Braeden said, "Why don't we help you?  In my day we used to have to help you clean."

(His day?)

I told him that usually I just get the cleaning done while the kids are at school, but I'm behind a little now.  He said, "Well we'll help you, right E?"

I didn't see the look she gave him but I can imagine it.

He helped clean bathrooms and Emma dusted.


They exchanged Valentines in Emma's English class.  Times like that are why I struggle to enforce school attendance.  These are the valentines Emma photocopied and gave her classmates:

The one in French says, "You are my poor peanut."  I asked Emma why.  No reason.


Braeden is tired all the time but I have to hound everyone to go to bed at night because everyone wants to visit.  Yesterday I encouraged sleepy Braeden to go take a nap.  He said, "If I nap now, can I stay up later tonight?"

These are the kinds of deals he's been brokering since he was a preschooler.


Here they are having after school "companionship" scripture study.  They were surrounded by snacks and detritus but the sun was streaming in and I was folding laundry upstairs and it made my heart supremely happy to hear their discussion.

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Olivia Cobian said...

I love this picture at the end. I love Braeden's gesture. What a great thing to have their missionary brother at home, giving insights into the scriptures!


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