Thursday, February 9, 2017

Giving me pause

Yesterday I read this article in the BYU Magazine.  (I love the BYU Magazine.)  The article is by Elder Larry Y. Wilson and these words have been in my brain all day:

Each of us faces a choice. We can choose to see ourselves as the Lord’s servants and humbly seek to know what He wants us to do with the talents and time He has given us. As such, we can seek to enlarge His kingdom and prepare it for His return. Or we may imagine that the story is all about us. Too many fall into this trap. They forget that they are His servants and begin to imagine that He is theirs. They think erroneously that Christ came to make all their dreams come true. For those in such a trap, prayer becomes like dropping memos on a desk in a heavenly office: “Could you please take care of this as soon as possible?”

I want to make good use of my choice.

Also, I've been overwhelmed with goodness.  People have been incredibly kind to me and to Braeden.  So many people have reached out with concern.  So many angels on earth have ministered to Braeden and served me in the process.

Sometimes the world feels dark and lonely.  I feel overwhelmed or sad or misunderstood.

Sometimes like the past few days, the world feels like a place that is full of light and goodness.  Everywhere I turn there seems to be kindness and compassion.

It's the same world.  The difference is which parts of it I'm choosing to focus on.

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