Friday, February 3, 2017

What's saving my life right now

On The Lazy Genius Collective blog, I read a post What Is Saving My Life Right Now.  I decided to write my own list.


On days when I'm confused or struggling to be happy or feel inadequate to the task at hand, prayer is where I turn.  It helps.


Adam saves me in a million big and small ways.  He entertains me and gives me pep talks and acts enthusiastic about whatever I have planned...even if it's a trip to Costco.  (I try to go to Costco in the evening when All the People are home.  I try to get my family excited about going with me.)


Just thinking about him makes me happy.  Knowing he is in the world and he's mine and he will be home in a little over 6 months (maybe?  we don't know yet for sure) makes me excited.  I want to hear him laugh and feed him and bask in his wit and affection.  And I will be able to soon!


Emma is like that cool friend you are grateful to when she makes a little time for you.  I love when we do stuff together.  I love when she comes into our room at night when she gets home from work.  I love hearing about the things that are making her happy.


Mark showed me this video the other day.   I don't know how many times I've watched the first 15 seconds of it.  If possible, Mark does an even funnier version.  Having a fourteen year old means being introduced to silliness and I like it.


I love plants.  I love the cheer they add.  I love taking care of them and troubleshooting their needs.  They make me feel accomplished--except for the one that is sick.  It makes me feel sad.

the occasional day when I don't have to go anywhere

Especially in the mornings, I love when I can stay home.  I think I would make a really successful hermit. 

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