Wednesday, February 15, 2017

more to love

More socks left on the floor.

More laundry.

More dishes.

More noise.

More music.  (The three kids have been working on the harmony of Rock of Ages.  I love it.)

More milk consumed.

More laughter.

My boy is home.

Valentine's Day meant going to the temple with Geri and Braeden, going to lunch at Zupa's, taking Geri to the airport (it was nice to have her and I'm amazed she was coincidentally here when Braeden came home!), stopping to see my grandma, stopping by work to see Adam, lots of good talks with my people around here, a restorative phone conversation with Marianne, and then dinner with the three men in my life that mean the world to me (Emma was at work).

Then we split a cupcake.

Some days, despite the ups and downs and twists and turns of life, are just nice.  Adam, Braeden, Emma, Mark.  I don't need more than that.

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