Monday, May 1, 2017

Books I read April 2017

True Sisters by Sandra Dallas *

I like everything I've ever read by Sandra Dallas.  Except I didn't finish this one.  It's about Mormon pioneers, specifically the Martin Handcart company.  Since the author isn't a Mormon, it was interesting to hear her take on a story I am pretty familiar with.  I stopped reading it halfway through.  As expected, everyone started dying.  I didn't want to read a book about everyone dying.  I know how it ends.

I Still Dream About You by Fannie Flagg ***

Fannie Flagg is another author I always like.  I liked this one.  The title is misleading.  It seems like it would be about unrequited love but it's about how the main character wants to commit suicide and her plans keep getting thwarted.  I didn't 100% believe that the characters were realistic but I also didn't care because the book was enjoyable.

All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven ***

We read this one for book club and I liked it.  It's one of those YA fiction books that I would prefer my YA not to read!  I found myself siding with the apparently too strict parents.  It's also about suicide.  And not as light-hearted as the first book.  It's also about mental illness.  It made for a really good discussion at book club.

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