Tuesday, October 18, 2011

At This Moment

Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul. 
Henry Ward Beecher

On a whim, I sent out a mass email to some of my family and friends.  I asked them to tell me what they were thankful for at that moment.  I told them not to think about it too much, just to answer.

I wasn't sure anyone would reply.

Well, they did.  It made me feel all warm inside that my loved ones would be so obliging.  Their answers made me feel even happier.  What a lot of gratitude there is circling the planet at any given moment.

Here's how they answered:

A: My car doesn't leak when it rains.

M: A quiet house which is very rare.

K: I'm grateful for my job. It keeps my family afloat and offers me so much flexibility and freedom. I feel truly blessed to work here.

W: I'm grateful that my hubby and I both have jobs and can pay our bills. I don't always (ever) like going to work, but I'm glad we can provide for our family.

S: I am thankful for abundant hot clean water; but that is kind of three because 1. abundant (not in desert) 2. hot (we have electricity) 3. clean water (treatment plants).

F: People who keep their covenants, righteous choices and those who choose to endure to the end. These were my first thoughts!

M: My husband and boys. :)

M: My very first thought was I'm grateful I have an interview tomorrow for a new job in the kidney transplant department and that my current supervisor totally supports me doing this!

H: There are so many things to be thankful for but the first thing that came to mind is........good health.......especially after accompanying L. to chemo yesterday :'( so sad to see someone so sick.

H: Right at this moment I have gratitude for a talented son coming to my rescue and helping fix up the house. I am allergic to paint and have a husband that will not paint. In one day he did the ceiling in the kitchen and my bathroom upstairs that so desperately needed new paint. He will also did my hallway and stairwell where it is impossible for me to get to.

M: Nap-time and a soft bed. Being pregnant I can't make it through the day without a nap and a good long night sleep.

A:  I'm grateful I have a job I enjoy.

J: Yesterday my husband and my daughter and I went to the temple. We did some initiatory and endowments. One was a family name. Soon we will be able to seal and entire family.

E: I'm thankful for my wonderful family, especially my dear wife. I'm also thankful for the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

N: I am grateful for my dog so that I am not alone all day now that we are empty nesters!

L: I am thankful for my mother.

J: First thing that came to mind: That there wasn't an explosion at the high school. (editorial note: There was a bomb threat that day.)

S: walking my cute dog, in the sunshine.  Also, walking with my walking buddies (wink, wink)

J: Friends who are there for you no matter what and always there with a kind word, shoulder to cry on and hugs to say they care!

C: I am grateful for good health and the ability to walk and work and do

A: Oh boy, that's hard. I am grateful for so much! I guess right now I am
grateful to be home safe from work in my nice house with my husband who
loves me. How's that for wonderful!

O:  I am grateful for my children and for dark chocolate.

B: You may think these are strange, but old age is creeping up on me, and I am so thankful
That I have my teeth.
That I am not in constant pain.
No one has to push me in a wheel chair.
I don't need to wear a diaper.
I have the use of my limbs eyes and ears.
I don't need surgery or chemo treatment.

I'm thankful for blue sky.
That my garden hasn't been frozen yet.
My kids want to go to church and seminary.
My kids passed the wasl
My older kids are continuing with a college education
My husband has a job
We have a home and cars
We can pay tithing, FO, and help the poor and needy.
I have many friends~particularly my Savior, Jesus Christ,
and the companionship of the Holy Ghost.

T: I'm thankful that O. told me yesterday was "her favorite day because we roped together."
Also thankful to be able to do what I love and get paid for it.

H: I am grateful for friends that make me laugh, recommend good books, and love me no matter all my short-comings.

I'm grateful that I live near them, and that family livea not so near :) love them bit they need to make appointment to visit!

I'm also grateful for church leaders that speak simply and use beautiful metaphors like forget-me-nots.

S: I am thankful for a living prophet.

J: Shoes. When I see H. without shoes, it makes my feet hurt. I'm glad I
have them.

Firefighters. They just put out a fire on the hill behind our trailer.

Sisters-in-law. Some of us weren't blessed with sisters in our immediate
families. Sisters-in-law are the blessings/bonus check for surviving
childhood with only brothers.

Running water that is safe to drink

Fast internet.

Freedom of religion.

A living prophet. The other day in Primary I told the kids I didn't know
about a living prophet when I was their age. Some were really confused by
that, others were amazed.

General Conference

My children

A dishwasher

My camera

My memory. I hate that my grandma is not able to remember things like she
used to.

Communication. I hate living far away from my mom, but I'm glad we don't
have to send letters via the pony express to tell each other something. We
can talk every day. Several times a day.

Advil. How did those pioneers survive all those children without Advil.

Stain remover.


D: I am grateful for my grandchildren. I need a t shirt that says "If I had
know how wonderful grandchildren are I would have had them first"! They
always make me feel loved and awesome!!

K: I am grateful for silly songs in the car.

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