Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Double Dipping

This is what the school room table looked like one morning.  I asked Mark how we'd have school.  He said he'd use a clipboard.  He did.

I'm posting twice today.  Because.

This morning I was whiny before Adam left.  It's sometimes an obstacle to him getting out the door.  Me, whiny.  I told him writing posts every day about a specific topic (although it's a topic I love) is wearying.  I need a little narcissism.  I need to write something meaningless and then post it.

Adam told me to do it.  He said, "Post twice."

Why not?

 I spend my days with Mark.  He is my delight.  (And yes, OK, I'm grateful for the time with him.)

Here are just a few of the ways that he makes my life entertaining:

Mark was doing a math test...adding and subtracting long digit numbers.  The regrouping!  The humanity!

He paused and said, "You know Mom, since you refuse to help me, I'm actually kind of getting how to do this."

That's sort of the point Mark.


Mark ate cheese for breakfast.  Then he wanted cheese quesadillas for lunch.  I told him it was too much cheese.  He said, "But I want to have a Mexican day.  I want to eat Mexican food for every meal."

I suggested French Toast for lunch which Mark thought was a fabulous idea.  While I was flipping thick slices of homemade wheat bread dipped in eggy goodness and sprinkled in cinnamon, Mark said, "Wait, is French Toast Mexican?"

I said, "Say that again Mark and think about the words you're saying."

He started to laugh.  "I can't believe I said that.  Mom, did you get what I just said?  French Toast?  Mexican?"  He laughed and laughed, delighted.


Mark was eating some rotisserie chicken and said, "Look!  There's a bone!"   Then he said, "I wonder if that is it's tennis elbow?" (In Mark's defense, we are usually a strictly boneless skinless chicken kind of family.)


In school we have been learning about verbs.  Mark said, "If there was going to be a book about my life, I bet there would be a lot of verbs in it.  I like doing verbs more than learning about them."


Here's Mark, living his life doing some verbs:

Blurry images but he is part Sasquatch...

(See what I did there?  You know how pictures of Big Foot are always blurry?  I wish Braeden were home from school so he could roll his eyes and tell me I'm not that funny.)

OK.  I feel better.  Tomorrow, back to gratitude.


Marianne said...

Wow! That kid can get air!

Olivia Cobian said...

I want to know about the wall hanging with the numbers on it. Is that a calendar?


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