Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Being a Grown Up

Do not regret growing older.  It is a privilege denied to many.  
Author Unknown

My adored brother Tabor broke his leg in quite a spectacular fashion.  (He doesn't do things halfway, that one.)  In thinking about the difficulties in getting his truck, horse trailer and horses home (8 hours away) with a broken right leg (when he gets out of the hospital, that is), I thought, grown ups should not have broken limbs!  There should be some statute of limitations that you can't break when you have responsibilities to attend to.

Maybe you should just live a more docile life; be more careful.  Are you reading this Tabor?  Do you have internet in that hospital bed?

Despite the hassles that come along when we are thwarted in our grown up duties, it's rather nice to be an adult.  I would be kicking and screaming if someone dragged me back to junior high.

 Here's why I'm grateful to be all grown up:


can eat what they want
have credit cards
can drive
have presumably learned some skills
have the ability to earn money
aren't intimidated by haughty teenagers
don't have to carry enormous backpacks
can take a roadtrip
don't have to clean their room
don't need to ask permission
aren't lectured to be more careful when they spill the milk
can read what they want
don't have to write a five paragraph essay after they finish reading a book

...and (all right Tabor) can ride wild horses.

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