Sunday, October 30, 2011


The variety of all things forms a pleasure.

You know how dogs have dog food, cats have cat food, fish have fish food?

We could have people food.  I am sure that nutritionists could come up with some blend of something or other that was perfectly healthy.  We could eat a plateful three times a day.  It could be the same color, temperature and consistency day in and day out.  We would survive.  (And not have to figure out what's for dinner.)

But can you imagine what we'd be missing out on?

Apizza in New Haven, CT...when can I go back?  When?  When?

The scope of flavors and textures is astounding.  Sweet, sour, savory, salty.  Crunchy carrots and pretzels, smooth puddings and mashed potatoes, crusty bread, chewy caramels, fluffy scrambled eggs, crumbly muffins, crisp apples, juicy peaches.  Consider the colors, the blends that result in different ethnic flavors, the chocolate!

I am grateful to live in a world with such variety.  How could anyone ever be bored in a world such as ours?

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