Thursday, October 6, 2011

Being Taken for Granted

We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.  
Cynthia Ozick

I don’t like being taken for granted.

There are things I take for granted all the time, though. Adam loves me, the sun will rise, my fridge will keep my food cold, my keys are hanging on a hook by the door. Why do I take these things for granted? Because they’re reliable. 

I remember with great clarity something that shocked me when I was a second grader. I was dressing as a gypsy for Halloween. Part of my costume was my globe penny bank that was wrapped in tin foil. It was supposed to be my crystal ball. My mom was coming to the school to help with my classroom Halloween party and she was going to bring me my "crystal ball."

She forgot to bring it.

It was shocking! Incredible. My mom, likely bringing toddler younger siblings in tow had left whatever she had going on at home to be at my classroom Halloween party. She’d probably brought cupcakes decorated with ghosts (tootsie pops draped in a paper napkin with black eyes carefully drawn on each ghost).

None of that effort on my mom’s part mattered to me. She’d forgotten my crystal ball! My mom, who never forgot anything and could always, always be relied on, had not done what I’d asked.

In relating this story, I of course realize what a self-centered little gypsy I was. I also realize what a remarkably dependable mother I have. How wonderful that I have one (and only one) memory of my mother letting me down.

I am not advocating taking people or things for granted…not at all. I do think however, that maybe being taken for granted is a little bit of a compliment. A bit of a blessing.

Next time I feel like I’m being taken for granted, I’ll pretend it’s because I’m as capable as my mother. And I’ll feel grateful.


Leslie said...

Thelma, I love October so that I can read your inspiring and witty posts daily! Thank you!

Pam said...

What a sweet memory... I love to hear about life stories like that, things that come back to us as snippets of time. Came here from Melissa's inspired room and will be back... :)

Olivia Cobian said...

I forgot to take something to the Starr Progressive meeting for Cor the other day. I thought "Cor has never forgotten anything." I feel a little better now, knowing she has--once.


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