Monday, January 30, 2012

Forgotten Photos

I am plugging away at approximately 35 partially finished projects at once (a good solution for when I have a short attention span).  I am making photo books of our last year and found this picture.

We were driving home from Lake Chelan last September.  I was in my happy place, in the front seat, next to Adam.  He spotted the license plates and said, "Take a picture!"

I did.

It makes me laugh.

I also saw this picture, from the Mukilteo Ferry.

My boys.

There were a lot of pictures like this:

Pictures of me with straight hair.  Weird.  (I always ask someone to take a picture after I have Megan, the wonder stylist, straighten my hair because it's so startling to me.)

And a happy sunshine picture:

no more straight hair

None of these pictures will likely make the Snapfish book cut.  But, they are good pictures to remember.  Good to remember; life is pretty good.

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