Monday, January 16, 2012

Queen of All the World

Lately I've been daydreaming desert daydreams.  I love the desert like Adam loves moss.

We were driving among misty tall trees and I told Adam it was a testament to how much I love him that I have surrendered dry heat, stunning sunsets, wide skies and determined wildflowers for him.  (Anything that grows in the desert is determined.)

Quoting Isabel Burton, I told him, "I would rather have a crust and a tent with you than be queen of all the world."

Mark was in the backseat and asked, "If you were queen of all the world, couldn't you just get Dad?"

Which is true, I could.

So never mind.  I do want to be queen of all the world, after all.  (I don't mind eating crusts but I don't want to sleep in a tent.)

In the interest of giving the Pacific Northwest its due, here's the sunset Emma shot with my phone from her bedroom window the other night.  Beautiful.

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