Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow Days

Monday was no school because of Martin Luther King day and we have had snow days since.  I love sleeping in a little.  I love having my kids home.  I love the extra time I have because I'm not the chauffeur for lessons and practices.  Everything's cancelled.

We've had a steady stream of hot chocolate, Adam's devised a drying rack in the garage out of a ladder and space heater and ski poles for the steady stream of wet snow clothes, and life has been cozy.

I have been able to make a slight dent in unfinished projects.  One of them is Emma's room.  She's redecorating it.  She thought this meant I would drive her to the store and buy her paint and whatever else her heart desired.

It truly means it's time for her to go through her things and pare down and tidy up before I'll buy anything.

That isn't quite as fun.

And she's moving slowly because of the siren song of her friends and the snow.

She wants to get rid of a bookshelf and I want to incorporate it back into the schoolroom where it started in the first place.

So you know what this means.

Today, while I have my muscle home for one more day...

...we are moving furniture.  I have a new layout in mind for the schoolroom.

Lovely, lovely snow days.

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