Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Cell Phone in Shiny Armor

I like having a cell phone so I can talk to people on the go.  I like that I can text Adam across a store.  I like that we haven't coordinated a time and place to meet in ten years.  We just call.

I really like all the lovely additions to my phone.  (The apps!  The calendar!  The calculator!)

The camera.

The good news about having a camera on your phone is that you can take quick shots when you want to remember something wonderful like going to see Cinderella at the 5th Avenue Theater in Seattle with the girls:

Emma with her cousins Talia, Raelyn and Asia and Grandma Geri--she gave them tickets to Cinderella for Christmas

The bad news is that between my skills and the lighting in the theater, the pictures aren't always stellar.

I love the 5th Avenue Theater more than I love this picture inside the 5th Avenue Theater.

I was also glad to have the phone camera handy when we were lounging in a conference room in Adam's office building while we were waiting for him.  Since I had nothing to do, I snapped pointless pictures.  A picture of Braeden looking loungy:

I was able to document that both my sons had holes in their socks (fascinating information, right?):

Mark wrote his name in red marker on the dry erase board.  I think every dry erase board at Amazon has been tagged by our kids.

And I took a picture with my cell phone of Emma taking a picture of Lake Union with her cell phone:

I think if I were Adam I would forget about work and sit in that conference room and watch sea planes land on Lake Union all day.

Maybe it's a good thing I'm not Adam.

The very best thing about the phone?

Giving it to Mark so he can be entertained.

He is sort of easy to entertain.

Recently overhead from the backseat while Mark was playing Angry Birds on my phone:  "Eat that you little meat bricks!"  (apparently pigs = meat bricks)

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