Thursday, January 16, 2014

I feel like a grownup

Our writing group met the other night.  It always results in wisdom dispensed, creativity displayed and a whole lot of laughter.

And chocolate.

Heather, because she's awesome, presented us each with a gift:

Yes, that is a big old stack of business cards!

I feel like a grownup.  A real person.  I have business cards.

Want one?

I have a...few.

Mark looked at one closely.

He was disgruntled and wanted to know why my name was last.  I pointed out the names were in alphabetical order.

"Hmph."  He was unconvinced.

Then he looked through the stack.  "Did you know these are all the same?"

I said yes.

He asked, "Was that on purpose or a mistake?"

I explained how they are like an advertisement and we can give them to people to tell them about our website.


Then he started giving me ideas about how to distribute them.  We both think putting them on every car at Costco is a good start. 

Thanks for the cards, Heather.  Thanks for the everything, 6 Chicks.  I love my writing group!


lifeatthewhitehouse said...

Sorry your name is always last. It really isn't the "fair" way of doing things, but for some reason people don't argue with the defense that an order was determined alphabetically...a thought to ponder on! I love you from first to last, Thelma dear, as well as the other chicks. We make one crazy group of ladies, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

lifeatthewhitehouse said...

And I love the Costco idea, by the way! :-)


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