Friday, January 31, 2014

Phone photos

Yesterday Mark was cold during math and wanted to go get a blanket.  Blankets and math aren't a great mix.  (Blankets and reading are a natural and winning combination.)  I told him to go put on a sweatshirt.  He came back with a hooded sweatshirt and his cloak that Grandma Geri made him for a Halloween costume.

I snapped a few pictures because it looked like a bat was in the school room and you've got to document things like that.

I scrolled through some of the pictures on my phone that have not been deleted yet.  (For some reason, I delete photos on my phone but I have a trillion unread messages--give or take.)

I still have this picture from last May:

Wouldn't you also keep something like that?  I like to document talent when I see it.

I have this picture from a hike I took with the Webelos last summer:

My son is the one throwing something off the hill while everyone else is posing nicely.

I found these pictures taken at Larabee State Park last summer:

I miss summer and blue toenails and starfish and sparkling water...

Here's one either Geri or Whitney texted me last summer:  Mark and Aunt Whitney going to the World of Coca-cola in Atlanta.

I found this picture of Braeden taken for unknown reasons:

I don't know if he was impersonating Hagrid or his uncle Enoch...

I found this selfie of Braeden which is one of the millions of selfies he takes on my phone.  I delete 99.9% of them:

Here's a picture of Emma's new haircut, from December.  I took a picture to text Adam:

Pretty girl.

And here's maybe my favorite photo I found on the phone.  Adam and I had to go to Wal-mart to return a gift and I took this picture and sent it to Braeden:

Then, Adam was driving home and I was texting Braeden and this happened:

When we got home, he came running out to meet us, in slight distress.  He had the same look on his face that he gets when he's eating food he doesn't like but pretends he does because he doesn't want to hurt my feelings.

It all made me triumphant because I never can trick people. Despite growing up in Nevada, I don't have a poker face.  Texting is a good medium for me and trickery.

So photos are cleared off my phone.

Now I should do something about the email...

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