Friday, January 24, 2014

Talking myself into optimism

Lately I've been wondering if the best part of my life is almost over.  It's depressing to think about.  The other night I talked to Adam, he assured me that was not true.  He said life would keep getting better and better.  He then cajoled me with thoughts of grandchildren.

The problem is that I'm really happy right now (How is that a problem?  Am I Eeyore?) and maybe I'm nervous to let this stage of my life go.

I am certain I want to teach school and intimidated to get a job and worried that Mark will be a latch key kid.  I think I may shrivel up and die without my children around. 

Yesterday Olivia and I hashed it out on the phone.  She tended to agree with Adam and maybe I will feel the same way.

For one thing, there is a pile of Braeden's clean laundry in front of (not in) his dresser.  Why?  Things like that make me feel less qualms about booting him out my door.  (Not really.)

For another thing, I was telling Olivia how fabulous it is to have a son that is a driver.  I love that I don't have to pick him up from play practice or his social endeavors.  I love that I can commission him to go pick Mark up from his friend's house and I love LOVE that I don't have to do the early morning seminary driving.  Proof positive that my life got better.

The older they get the more interesting and insightful and funny my children become.

Maybe the best really is to come.

(Yesterday Braeden texted me from school:  Good news!  His director said he could get a haircut.  Not that he needs one...  As a bonus, his director said she'd cut it.)


Olivia Cobian said...

Nice pics. What a good-looking group you Davises are.

Mark Dahl said...

Your dad said to tell you it may not be too late for you to have more children.


Thelma said...

Tell Daddy I said, "Ha ha. Ha."


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