Friday, November 13, 2015

A lovely note

Yesterday when Adam left for work, I told him that when he got home, I would be done transforming the school room into my office/project/whatever room.

I mostly was.  It still looks a little out of sorts, but that's only because Christmas preparations exploded in there.

Turns out reworking an entire room takes time. (So. Much. Time.)  It took time to figure out how to make the room the most useful and to go through every single container and box and envelope and file folder to figure out what exactly I have.

(Exactly what I have is a lot of stuff.)

I found something from a few years ago.  Braeden had left it lying around (it's wrinkled because Braeden's about as careful as a puppy) and back then I picked it up and read it and put it away for safe keeping.

These are the kinds of things that are treasures to a mother's heart.

It's from one of his directors at GPHS and it will stay in safekeeping forever, because I love every word.

Wonderful people in the world that build up and encourage and teach your children are maybe the best thing that a mother could ask for.  That, and don't put your clean laundry that is folded into the dirty laundry.

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