Monday, November 16, 2015

Things I love about Emma

1- Friday lunch.  We have started a new tradition.  She comes home for lunch on Friday and we chat.  It's just simple but I love having her all to myself for about an hour.

2- Her resilience.  Her voice is broken.  We don't know why.  We have a doctor appointment today and hope to get some answers.  Because of that, her musical audition was a bust.  It was devastating and then she talked to the director and he asked her to be assistant director, which thrilled her.  Resilience is one of the traits I want for my children...because life can be rocky.

3- Her amazing work ethic.  As the assistant director, she works very hard and is 100% reliable.  The other day I saw an email she sent the director--at 5:39 AM.  She was asking about a mistake she saw on the schedule.  And she was right.

4-She is almost always right.

5-Her writing.  She writes Braeden every night and then sends it to him every week.  I may or may not sneak into her room occasionally to read what she is writing.  (She leaves it right on her dresser, I don't think she minds.) It always makes my day.

6-When Emma wants something to happen, it usually does.  She got in her head that she wanted to make gumbo and beignets and mint juleps.  We had an exhaustive grocery store trip Saturday looking for all the sundry ingredients.  Just FYI, filé powder is not easy to find.  And just try to convince Emma she doesn't need it.  We had a lovely Sunday New Orleans inspired dinner though.

All of these are good reminders because also Saturday, we discovered a big scrape on the side of Emma's car where she misjudged the distance pulling into a parking spot.

Her driving may leave something to be desired, but I do love that girl.

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Olivia Cobian said...

I think Emma's an excellent driver. Didn't she get her license the first try? And she hasn't been suspected of drunk driving, right? I haven't heard of her backing into any buildings. I'd like her to tutor me in driving (or at least teach my kids how to drive).


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