Monday, November 23, 2015

Tiny notes

Dear Homemade Sign Maker on 1100 N.,

I saw your latest offering, "Go fast.  Kids are replaceable."  If you were going for passive aggressive, you nailed it.  It was spray painted on the side of a washing machine.  If you were going for tacky, you nailed it.


Dear Church Meeting that Starts at 7:00 AM,

I don't like you.  You are deadening my soul.  My dad leaves for his church meetings at something like 5:00 AM.  I know I'm a wimp. But still.  7:00 when it is cold and dark is not my idea of a good time.


Dear Braeden,

Thank you for the surprise handwritten letter.  It was shocking because I know how much you dislike writing and how hard the process is for you.  Written in your own wonky handwriting with your wobbly spelling, it is a treasure.


Dear The Intern,

You were a great movie.  I keep thinking about you.


Dear Monday Morning,

Knowing I will get a missionary email this morning makes everything all right.


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