Friday, November 20, 2015

It's a good day to have a good day

1- Emma's coming home for lunch today.

2- It's pouring rain but we got a new elliptical runner so I can exercise inside.  With Netflix.

3-We decided a good nickname for the elliptical runner is the ER.  So then we can say, "I'm going to the ER," and people will pay attention.

4- The night before it was delivered I enlisted Mark's help to move furniture in the basement.  He was eager to help but he said, "Wait.  We'll go downstairs together.  It seems more intense."

5- That kid....

6- Speaking of Mark, his scout campout was cancelled tonight.  And I'm glad.

7- As of last night, my Christmas shopping is done.  I love getting done early early and then enjoying the season.

8-Our across the street neighbor is coming home today!  He's been deployed in Kuwait for a year.  I'm happy for their family.

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