Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Gratitude: a photo essay

I know this would be be a better photo essay if  1) I was good at photography or 2) this was a lifestyle blog and I knew how to style photos.

It's what I've got though.

Just walking around my house, I see reminders everywhere of things I am grateful for.

I'm grateful for these people:

dated pictures and lots of glare...don't care. :)

Mark is so short!  I look like I just woke up!  What can you do?

I'm grateful for the beauty outside:

the leaves on this tree hang on the longest and I love it for those tenacious leaves

I'm grateful for this temple where Adam and I were married:

And for this temple that is constantly in my view like a beacon of light:

I'm grateful for our ancestors:

I'm grateful to have a piano:

And a daughter that painstakingly wrote out the ukulele chords for me so I can try to follow along when we play together:

I'm grateful when I find things like this:

I'm grateful for reminders of dear friends:

this pillow from Janet

This plant from Apryl--she gave it to me when Emma was born.  I've trimmed it many times and it is one tough little plant. 

And reminders of loved ones no longer here:

these pillows from my grandparents' house

red geraniums remind me of my Grandma Dahl
the chairs Adam's dad reupholstered for us

I'm grateful for comforts:

supreme comfort

this blanket Melanee made us keeps me warm every morning and evening and anytime in between

I love seeing this nest every morning...rumpled blankets from when we snuggled together and watched Netflix the night before.

And modern technology:

I know we used to function before smart phones, but I don't remember how....

And modern conveniences:

what a blessing a car is!


a furnace and air conditioning!

easy laundry!

indoor plumbing!

I'm grateful for this country:

I upped the glare and added blurry to this picture...Adam is shaking his head sadly somewhere right now.

And I'm grateful for quirky things to make me smile (and grateful Adam doesn't mind):

Emma and I acquired a friend for Horace for the holidays...Lars.

What a wonderful world.  I feel blessed to just be here.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Leslie said...

I love your photo essay! There are so many things to be grateful for...and you summed it up beautifully. I'm just thankful to be here in this amazing world too. :) I'm glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It makes me smile to think about you and all your family in Starr Valley, celebrating together.


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