Friday, July 7, 2017

Grateful Friday

Here we are the deck on the 4th of July, watching people blow up things.  It was lovely.  Janet texted me and said she was thinking of me.  I had been thinking of her too.  We used to spend the 4th of July together, hating the fireworks that reigned down in terror on our neighborhood (at least they terrorized us).

I love sitting on our deck.  The fireworks are far removed and don't boom but just have a pleasant rumble and pop.

Raise your hand if you think Janet should come to our house for the 4th of July from now on....

Also, see in the picture that I'm drinking ice water.

I'm grateful for ice water.  Ice is life these days

(And I'm grateful for the ginger sitting next to me, probably saying something funny.)


A lady from Virginia sent me a bunch of pictures.  They'd had the missionaries over for the holiday.  Apparently a whole lot of missionaries.

Here are my two favorite pictures:

I don't know what sort of wrestling match is happening but I adore the utter joy on Braeden's face in the background as he's laughing.  I can just hear his booming laughter and I miss it.

Here they are having a water balloon fight and I still think Braeden should be the size of the kid in yellow and he is man sized.

I think I miss him more than ever.  It's like when you are almost home from a long trip and you just want to get there already.

August 15.


Emma did my eye makeup the other day.  I'm grateful for that girl too.  She wants more than anything to be grown up and gone and I'm glad she still needs me at times.  Also, she is awfully good with eyeliner.

And that's something.


Finally, and always, I'm grateful for Adam.  I'm dipping my toes in the next act of my life, the one where I will eventually (hopefully) get a teaching job.

Adam needs to do a certain amount of hand holding because I'm intimidated, but he's good at it.

Yesterday he said, "I'm excited for you to start teaching.  Not because of the income.  I'm excited because you are going to make a difference in the world."

That kind of support is in steady supply from that guy and I know I take him for granted more often than I should. It's pretty amazing to have someone by your side who thinks you can make the world a better place.

He makes my world a better place every day.

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