Friday, July 28, 2017

Grateful Friday

Since Emma started her two jobs, she's not been working on Snapfish books for me anymore.  (Which is a tiny bit tragic because I felt like I was getting a good deal there.)

Anyway, I'm back to being the responsible one for the Snapfish books and I decided I'd better get cracking.

I looked at the pictures Emma had sorted into albums for 2015.  It's fun looking back at the past and remembering what a good life you've got.

2015 was the year the kids swam in Walden Pond:

It was the year we crammed three (fairly) good-natured kids in the backseat of a car and drove them all over New England:

2015 was the year this kid finished public school...

...and this kid started public school.

2015 was the year I left a big piece of my heart on the sidewalk outside the MTC.

(I mostly recovered...I'll be all better in 18 days.)

2015 was the year we discovered The Great British Baking Show--here's my Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry now:

It was a good year.  That's what happens when you hang out with the right sort of people.

I'm pretty grateful for my present too.  I picked two ripe tomatoes out of my tiny garden yesterday and popped them in my mouth on the way in the house.  Are store bought tomatoes and garden tomatoes even related?

Also, we had book club last night and it's a high point of each month.  We laugh a lot.  And last night we, the handful of old ones, taught the young'uns about the glory of Gunne Sax dresses. 

I'm looking forward joyfully to my future.  Did I mention 18 days?  Then I'm looking forward to our trip to Seattle, our trip to Washington, D.C. to be with Stella, holidays with all three of my darlings (four if you count Adam and I do).

I'm feeling grateful today.

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