Thursday, July 6, 2017

Yes to the Tesla

Adam came home from work and said, "I brought a surprise home.  It's in the garage."

I asked, "Is it a puppy?"

It wasn't.  It was a Tesla.  They have one at work and he had borrowed it for the evening.

Emma came upstairs and Adam said, "I brought a surprise home.  It's in the garage."

She asked, "Is it a puppy?"

She went to go look inside the car and since she didn't have the fob (there isn't a key) the doors were flush with the car and she couldn't figure out how to open them.

Later, Mark came in (through the garage so he didn't think the surprise was a puppy).  Adam said, "If you can sit in it for over a minute I'll give you $10."

Mark said, "OK, but I'll need the fob.  That may work on Emma, but not me."

(Mark didn't know that had indeed worked on Emma.)

We went for a drive.  This picture was taken from up inside the sunroof.

Mark is helpfully showing you the caramel in his mouth.

The controls inside are basically just an ipad.

It was fun driving around in such a sleek little car.

Adam drove for awhile then he pulled over and let me have a turn.

I liked it!

The acceleration was amazing (0-60 in four seconds) and I tried to time it so I was the first one at the lights so I could floor it briefly.  (It stressed Emma out but I loved it!)

We drove to the Salt Lake Valley on Redwood Road so I could get on the freeway to come back.

I said I thought I'd like to be a NASCAR driver.  Mark said that I would have to make a lot of left turns.  I avoid left turns when I can and he knows it.  So I guess not.  I do like driving fast though.

We dropped off the car at Adam's office and traded it back for the Subaru.

Here they are plugging it in (next to the other work Tesla):

We went upstairs so Adam could return the fob and Mark could visit the break room which is basically a buffet (they even have a Coke Freestyle machine).

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