Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The flag

There's a group of people in Pleasant Grove that are pretty awesome.  For the past few years they've flown a big flag in Grove Creek Canyon--which is right by our house.

Sunday night the flag was marched up Grove Creek Drive (pictures courtesy of Facebook):

we were sitting on the curb on the other side of that tree in the bottom right corner

The Candy Bomber, Gail Halvorsen, was there greeting people and then a plane flew over and dropped candy tied to parachutes.

The flag paraded up the street was the one they've used in the past.  A new flag is in the canyon this year, the biggest flag ever flown in the United States.  The old flag, the one paraded up the street, fits in the blue/star field of the new flag.  The new flag weighs 500 pounds and the stars are each five feet wide!  (The new flag wouldn't fit in the street so that's why they walked the old one up.)

I took this picture, standing right next to our house. 

Last night we walked over to the canyon.  A live band was playing (sort of badly) and people were milling around and gazing at the flag and visiting and snapping pictures and I liked it.  After dark they shined a light up the canyon, illuminating the flag.

Pleasant Grove is a nice place to be.

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