Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fun for the Whole Family

Tonight on a whim I bought the Original Space Bags at Costco--not to be confused with those pesky knock offs. Are there pesky knock offs? I don't know.

My linen closet was a scary proposition...sheets, extra pillows and blankets all fought for space and tried to escape whenever the door opened. If there's one thing sheets, extra pillows and blankets like it is their freedom.

I was definitely a candidate for the Original Space Bags.

I enlisted Mark and Emma's help for the project. I marketed it as a lot of fun. While Mark was watching me try to stuff four pillows into the extra large sized bag (it didn't work...only three will fit). He said, "Are you sure this is fun? Did the box say Fun for the Whole Family?"

I promised it would get more fun. Then I put him in charge of the vacuum. He'd turn it on and off for me.

Still not an enormous amount of fun.

Then he realized he could make a Mohawk if he sucked his long red hair up into the vacuum. Emma told him that was not safe. Emma randomly decides what is and isn't safe for Mark. Then they started arguing (which is what they do) over whether or not it was safe and I said no more playing with the vacuum.

So even that wasn't fun.

The good news is the closet.

I wish I'd been forward thinking enough for a Before picture but usually I just dive headlong into such projects.

Believe me. It was scary.

And the project wasn't all that fun.

Just ask Mark.

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