Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mumphy Feeling

Today was a typical Saturday. Adam got up early to go referee a young men's basketball game (and was ridiculed by men who never grew up which irritates me because he's volunteering...and it's church basketball. It doesn't bother Adam in the least though so I won't let it bother me...much.)


Mark climbed in bed with me and told me that even if he HAD another mother, I'd still be his favorite and I told him that even if I HAD another Mark, he'd still be mine. That launched a discussion of whether or not the other Mark would look and act just like him...

Typical Saturday.

We cleaned the house from top to toe. I got the next school week planned for.

Then I felt mumphy. I told Adam and Emma to leave me alone (the boys were gone or I would have told them too). Because I was mumphy.

Yes, I said, I am making that word up.

Maybe it's because Adam's been feeling sick and that's no fun. Maybe it's because it's been foggy for two straight oppressive days. Maybe maybe.

I flipped on my gas fireplace and climbed in my chair under a fleece blanket and read. I finished my book and it didn't have such a satisfactory ending.

Still mumphy.

I hatched a scheme to go to the craft store. I was thinking creativity would help mumphy-ness. It did.

I combined my true loves of buttons and the color red and made this:

I also bought myself a flower:

And some chocolate:

And if all else fails, this guy would love me most even if he had other moms.

Take that, mumphy!

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