Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy 1/2

Emma's is the last half birthday of the season.  (Adam and I never remember to acknowledge our own.)  To celebrate she came to me with her plan.

"Will you drop Hannah and Freja and me off at the mall for a few hours?"

I said, "I will but I will stay nearby."

"No," Emma said, "I want to just be dropped off."

"I'll keep a respectful distance," I promised.  She still looked hesitant so I added, "Or we don't have to go."

So she relented and I think felt a little better when Hannah's and Freja's moms wouldn't have let them go unless I was going too.

Off we went to the mall.  On the drive there, they first complimented each other profusely on their hair, shirts, make-up.  Then they talked about spiders (they are creepy and disgusting).  Then they talked about mice (sooooo cute).  Next, boys which seemed to be creepy, disgusting and soooo cute, depending on the boy.

I walked behind them at the mall.  They seemed to be mostly in the market for accessories.  While they were at Claire's, I sat on an upholstered chair outside the store with Pinky Pie (my phone) as entertainment.  They each emerged with a tiny bag and a tiny purchase of either earrings or bracelet.  At Bath and Body Works I knew it would take them awhile to smell everything there was to smell so I went to a different store with strict instructions to text me if they were done.  They weren't nearly done by the time I came back and still had to peruse several scents.  They bought tiny hand sanitizers.  Tiny + cheap = their budget.  I wandered after them a little longer and finally lured them to the food court with promises of Orange Julius all around.  I bought a pretzel to share with them.  They liked it so much they pooled their remaining money and bought another.  Then they talked about boys in the food court.  Adam and/or Braeden would have been revolted.

I decided I wouldn't be 13 again for anything but I surely like hanging out with 13 year olds occasionally.

All the way home they sang loudly along to the radio.  They are silly but smart, sweet girls.  I'm glad they're friends and not at all surprised they're friends.

I like their moms a lot.

(And today's Janet's birthday.  I wish we could go to the mall and smell Bath and Body Works concoctions all day.  But alas, I'm going to cub scout day camp.  If I'm not back tomorrow, you'll know why.)

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Marianne said...

What a pretty picture of Emma--and her lovely friends.


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