Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Personal life choices

My KitchenAid has gone the way of all the world.  It was a sad series of events involving Emma's irrational fear of the wheat grinder (I don't judge, I have irrational fears of my own) which led to me measuring the wheat for her which led to me measuring too much wheat (because I didn't pay attention) which led to heavy dense bread dough.  Emma left the mixer unattended (and I had left her unattended) and when she went back downstairs, the mixer was sputtering smoke and had...died.  Luckily because of the circuit breaker, our kitchen didn't catch on fire.

I view recipes more as suggestions than the gospel truth so I would have just adjusted everything else when I noticed extra heavy dough and also I never leave the mixer unattended because once my mom's mixer jumped off the countertop in dramatic fashion.

But alas, I wasn't the one making the bread.

Because I am rather attached to my KitchenAid, I started thinking about a replacement.  I have polled my nearest and dearest about their mixers.

On the way to drop Braeden off for his shift at the pool, I laid out all the options for him.  I am 99% sure he was not at all interested but the beauty of driving your children around is the whole captive audience thing.

I detailed the pros and cons of another KitchenAid (I loved my KitchenAid, you can get it in red, or aqua blue, or a bunch of other colors, did I mention red?) verses a Bosch (stronger motor, not very attractive but maybe light enough and small enough it can be put away between uses and free up counter space--which is at a premium in my little kitchen).

Braeden pretended to listen carefully then he said, "You know, Mom, this sounds like a really important personal life choice.  I don't think I'm equipped to advise you on this one."

Even though this is a personal life choice, do any of you have advice?


Leslie said...

I've looked at KitchenAid mixers longingly for a while now...unfortunately I don't have any input on this topic though because I haven't bought one. I just wanted to let you know I hope you are feeling 100% from your sickness and that maybe we will be on the same Starr Valley visitation schedule one of these days so we can catch up! Love, Leslie

Clarissa said...

I'm probably not equipped to help you either, but we have a Bosch and it is pretty good. I do think that Kitchen Aids are a lot nicer looking though.

Clarissa said...

Heidi Ballard has both and likes her kitchen aid better. I like my bosch though. It isn't as good at mixing other things as it is at bread though. Shoot, Clarissa is signed in. I guess you know this isn't her.

The Fab 4 From Washington said...

I love your blog Thelma! Its my favorite to read! Anyway...I have a Bosch and I love-love-love it. I bought it before I got married and it's been running great for 27 years! It's kind of yellowed and isn't very pretty but I sure do like it. I mostly make bread with it and it's awesome. Good luck with your decision.

Enoch said...

Go for the power! What's under the hood? I think you get some options for a blender with the Bosch... a sort of 2 for 1 type deal.... can't beat it.... who would want to?

Melanee said...

I've done a lot of time thinking and researching this. From what I have gleaned the Bosch will last forever and never die. All my sources say get the Bosch for bread making and the KItchenAid for everything else. I have a "professional" grade KitchenAid which I adore, but since I've started making bread for my family each week I've noticed that my KitchenAid struggles. I'm worried about it. So Ammon and I have decided to save up for a Bosch for when I'm baking bread to save my KitchenAid and then I can use the KitchenAid for everything else. Only because I already have the KitchenAid. My mom's KitchenAid is dying too because of too much bread making. I don't think the KitchenAid can handle it for extended periods of time. If I were to do it again knowing what I know now I would have just gone with the Bosch despite my deep love of the KitchenAid. It's too expensive of a purchase to get something that may die in the event of too much bread baking. My 2 cents.

Jennifer said...

I love red and think a red mixer would look great in your kitchen... alas, I love my Bosch. Maybe go for the Bosch and buy an adorable (red) decoration as a consolation for going with the less-cute option?

Olivia Cobian said...

Have you already made this deeply personal decision? I look forward to hearing what you chose. As you already know, my KitchenAid has never failed me and I've made a lot of bread and rolls with it in the ten+ years I've had it. I do want a bigger mixing bowl though.


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