Monday, August 27, 2012

Ups and Downs

⬇I had a terrible sore throat.

⬆I slept over 10 hours Friday night.

⬆It helped my sore throat.

⬆We were invited to Bowman Bay with a bunch of our friends.

⬇I forgot sunscreen.

⬇I got a sunburn on one ear, one arm and my neck.

⬆The pattern of my necklace is visible on my sunburned neck which is at least a little interesting.

⬇We had to leave Bowman Bay early.

⬆Because we were hosting a party for the kids in Braeden's seminary class.  He wanted a boy who moved in this summer to get to know everyone else.

⬇The boy didn't come because he went camping with his family.

⬆Which was a little funny.

⬆I like having parties.

⬆When they were arguing over who won the scavenger hunt, they called me outside to mediate.  They started yelling, "Mama Davis! We need you!"  It made me smile.

⬇While "Mama Davis" was outside being the judge of the contest, the hot fudge sauce got too thick.  The boys told me it was more like cake batter than hot fudge sauce.

⬆ They quickly added that was not a bad thing.

⬆ And I don't think they were just being polite.  They went to town on that hot fudge/cake batter.

⬆Braeden's friends are good kids.  They are also very funny.  Everyone was laughing so much that after they'd come inside, I shut all the windows. I was afraid their exuberance would bother our neighbors.

⬆When I told them it was time for ice cream, the boys said, "The girls get to go first."  The girls looked a little taken back and a lot pleased and I thought sometimes these boys are more civilized than I thought. 

⬇Adam felt sick during the party.

⬆But he rallied enough to dish up the ice cream which is fabulous because he's good at it.  (Sturdy wrists.)

⬇It seems like someone or other has been sick in our family all summer.

⬆Summer is almost over, maybe we'll have a resurgence of good health.

⬆Even though weekends are like life and have their ups and downs, I think there are usually more ups.

⬆And I am glad.

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Olivia Cobian said...

I wish I had some of that hot fudge whatever-it-is! Sounds delicious. I wish you all health!


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