Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Maximizing room potential

I am interested in weather (I think I got it from my dad) or otherwise I wouldn't write about the weather so much.  Because around here, the weather isn't all that interesting.

We have a lot of rain.  We have a lot of cloudy gray days.  We have some sunshine.  Repeat.

We rarely even get a thunderstorm.  Snow is such a scarcity that it's kind of a holiday whenever it snows.

And then there are those few occasional days of heat.  Every once in a while, it gets actually hot.    Last weekend was actually hot.  We don't have central air conditioning plus (as a result of all that mild marine air we usually live in) we are incredibly wimpy when it comes to heat.

The upside?  It kind of creates a holiday.

Saturday we went to the river.

Sunday, after church, we encamped in our bedroom.  (In our bedroom we have a small air conditioner that we didn't even plug in last summer because we didn't need it.)

Adam and I have often lamented the disproportionate size of our bedroom.  (Why can't I transfer some of the space to my kitchen?)

But not any more.

We spent all day there.  We napped, played games, read.  There was space for everyone.

We ate in there.  It was one of those, "I can't believe we're really doing this," sort of moments but then we did.

Because of that blessed air conditioning.

See the computer monitor behind Mark?  We used it for Netflix Saturday night...in the air conditioning.
As  you can see, I set the table with our best china.  (It sort of seemed like a picnic so paper plates were in order.)

Here's the good news.  I realized I have the perfect spot for Thanksgiving dinner someday when our children all have families of their own.

Our bedroom. 

(and then we can all take a nap)


Megan said...

that's pretty much the best idea ever! I've often thought of how I can transfer some of your bedroom space to my own. So far I've come up with nothin.

(proving I'm not a robot is harder then I thought, blasted random words)

Olivia Cobian said...

Sounds like a lovely time. Way to go, making lemonade with your lemon of a hot day!


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