Monday, February 3, 2014

The Super Bowl

It was my first Super Bowl.  I don't usually watch but made an exception in the name of family solidarity.

The family was sort of into it.

Whitney and Kelly came for the weekend from Atlanta.  On Saturday we stopped by Geri's to see them and they were just leaving to go to the Boeing factory to see the 747-8 painted for the Seahawks so we went too (Adam was recruited to drive everyone).

There was a festive and holiday air about town.  And everybody was wearing a Seahawks shirt.

Sunday, after church, where several men were sporting ties with subtle green and blue stripes, we went to Brian's house.  The game was underway when we pulled up and we heard yelling from inside the house before we got out of the car.

If you didn't come wearing a Seahawks shirt (like the members of our immediate family) you were handed one at the door.  We piled on couches and chairs and when the Seahawks scored--which they did--it was sort of deafening and maybe dangerous as children and adults dog piled and high fived. 

I started texting my bearded brother and we sent each other memes that were maybe a little derisive toward the opponent, but meant...respectfully.

During time-outs we took selfies:

During offensive plays everyone (except me because Skittles are the worst) ate Skittles--just to help Marshawn.

Emma eating blue and green Skittles like it's her job.
I don't know if it was strictly necessary but it couldn't hurt.

My favorite part of the victory was watching Scott.  He's probably the biggest fan in Seattle.  The Twelfthest Twelfth Man.

He paced and twisted a towel in his hands the entire game and then his face reflected his pure joy.  Whitney texted me this picture.

I thought it was awfully cute.  Notice he's wearing a Seahawks shirt when he was a little boy.  He's a lifetime fan.

When I got home my grandma called me to talk about the game.  My grandma is not necessarily a Seahawks fan but she is a diehard football fan and a really wonderful grandma too.  She said she was pulling for Seattle on my behalf.

All in all, a good day.

I'm all for family solidarity:

Except Kain looks pretty serious...uh Kain?  We won!

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Enoch said...

I'm happy for your team's big win. It looks like you had a great party going on.


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