Thursday, March 13, 2014

Heritage night

Emma had to take a food from her family's heritage to a Young Women activity.  She decided to take ebelskiever, which are Danish pancakes.

Adam's grandma was born in Denmark and made ebelskiever and so there you go:   Emma's family heritage.

I mixed up the batter (which I can do) and somewhere along the way decided we'd just have ebelskiever for dinner so I tripled the recipe (which I can also do--fun with fractions).  Adam came home from work and started cooking ebelskiever (which he can do).  He needed to go to mutual himself so I shooed him away, insisting I could finish (which I thought I could do).

Turns out I couldn't.  Every time I tried to turn the ebelskiever, I failed.  Adam tried several times to teach me.  I couldn't do it.  We had a whole bunch of smashed ebelskiever.  I decided it was because I have no Danish ancestry.  Swedes, Norwegians, Brits--they're no good at turning ebelskiever.  (I'd rather blame my ancestors than my lack of coordination.)

Braeden--because he's Braeden--wanted to determine just exactly the percentages of countries he hailed from genetically.

I don't know.

Yes, we're Mormons and keep track of our family history but Braeden's a little picky.  A vague Scandinavian and Great Britain umbrella didn't work for him.  I broke it down into Swedish and Norwegian and he wanted to know if the Brits were Celts or Anglo-Saxons.  Then he started telling me where the Celts originated from and where the Anglo-Saxons originated from and quizzing me as to who of my ancestry had been an established group the longest.  I didn't know and he of course did so he told me all of that.

Here's what I learned from our evening:
1-I'm no good at ebelskiever.

2-When your son is enamored with history you'd better be prepared for some history lessons.

3-I can make waffles (which is what I did with the leftover batter after Adam left).  I need to stick with what I know.

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