Monday, March 24, 2014

Three things

Sometimes I just want to record things because my children sort of delight me.

1)  Braeden:  "That's why Andrew Jackson is my spirit animal.  He was bad at spelling too."

2) Emma and I were getting pedicures.  I asked Emma if she wanted a manicure too.  She said no.  (I was offering because she was very generously spending her afternoon with me and I also tricked her into reading Rebecca* which she is resisting for no other reason except I recommended it--if anyone tells you the mother daughter thing is simple, don't believe them.)

The lady giving Emma a pedicure asked her if she wanted a manicure.

Emma said, "No, thank you."

The lady, with her limited English, kept trying.  She was trying to cajole Emma.  You can't cajole Emma.  She is uncajole-able.  The pedicure lady said, "You want manicure?  C'mon, get manicure?"

Emma gave her the look that she reserves for times when she is really digging in her heels.  She said, in her most definite and stubborn way, "No."  And went back to her reading.  The pedicurist looked slightly stunned and I thought, Welcome to my world.

I do love having a daughter that is impossible to convince though.  It makes things she does decide to do very authentic.

3) Mark has a new theory.  He is always working on a theory.  His latest is that cartoons are very bad for the health of children.  From cartoons you learn that tangling with radioactive material (like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Spiderman) gives you superpowers when in reality it would probably just kill you.

Mark for president.

*I brought it along to get pedicures because I knew she'd want something to read.  I'm so clever!

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Marianne said...

Emma will thank her mother for the Rebecca trickery! It was nice to get caught up on your blog today. Have a fun trip!


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