Friday, March 14, 2014

Lucky day

This week my story has been featured on our writing website:

Today's the last day so you can read it all if you'd like.

The story is called "Lucky Day" in a nod to St. Patrick's day.  It's also a nod to small town Nevada, the time I spent waitressing in casinos and some of the zany characters I met along the way.

I'd call my life pretty lucky.

One reason is my writing group.  We met this week.  I made these in honor of my story:

I told Olivia I'd put a picture on my blog.
You can find cuter ones on pinterest complete with Popsicle sticks and green ribbon.

(You can always find a cuter version of everything on pinterest.  That's just how it goes.)

What isn't cuter on pinterest is my writing group.  They are bonafide originals.   Heather took more pictures of us, glamor shots really, for our website.  Some members of the group (everyone except me) are more photogenic than others (me).

(That's just how it goes.)

We laughed a lot and I'm still picking up white feathers from a shedding boa.  Every time I find one I smile and remember how lucky I am.

Love those girls I write with.


Olivia Cobian said...

Thanks for the picture I requested. Those turned out great! I am going to read your story right now.

lifeatthewhitehouse said...

I LOVED your pictures, Thelma! I think that was some of the most laughing I have done in a while! I just can't get over how much I love being a part of our little group of crazy ladies! Thanks for putting up with our crazies in your living room every month!


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