Wednesday, March 26, 2014

We've got sunshine

Mark claimed the window seat when we were on our way to the airport.  He loves the window seat.

Turned out there was no window in our row:

We made it up to him the next morning at breakfast with a window seat at Cracker Barrel:

Cracker Barrel is still our happy place.  It's a perfect blend of just the right amount of kitschy charm and French Toast.  Then there's the peg game...

Mark and I have also been to In N Out Burger.  (How I could rhapsodize about In N Out Burger!) It's a good thing none of these places are in Washington.  I think I would quickly develop an unhealthy attachment...

Monday afternoon we went to a Mariner's spring training game.

It was just lovely.  We had seats in the shade which was also lovely because my lily white skin burns.  It was fun to be in Arizona, surrounded by people from Washington, cheering for the Mariners.  (Oh yeah, there were some Chicago White Sox fans there too, whatever.)  Unfortunately the Mariners lost, but it didn't take away too much from our enjoyment. 

That night, we went to see the Thatchers.  Hurray for the Thatchers!  It makes me happy that they are in the world and it makes me even happier that we're in the same time zone now.  (The house next door to them was for sale...we should buy it.)

Bill and Mindy are some of the friends we've had the longest as a couple.  We spent those formative young married student years with them.  Mindy and I were in the baby and toddler trenches together while Adam and Bill slogged through graduate school.  We were all from the West, transplanted to the East coast.  It is supremely satisfying to catch up with them.  It's fun to see their children grow into such charming and clever people.  It delights me to know if we did buy that house next to them, our children would all be terrific friends and the adults would never run out of things to say to each other.  (Also, I would have Mindy help me decorate my house because she has a tremendous gift for such things.)

As we drove back to our hotel, I said to Adam, "You know what I love about Mindy and Bill?  They are just such good, good people."

It was my lucky day when we moved into the same apartment complex as them nearly 17 (!) years ago.

Tuesday I toured the Amazon fulfillment center with Adam.  It was incredible.  Incredible.  I have a whole new appreciation for what goes into all those orders I place.  I loved everything about the tour and I loved seeing Adam's enthusiasm for what he does.  I loved seeing that Adam is a really great boss.  (I helped arrange snacks for the tour Adam was involved with later in the day and one of Adam's team told me thank you and complimented me that I arranged them "like a mom."  Which also made me happy because hey, I'm a mom!  Glad to be one.)  My only disappointment was that Adam wouldn't let me ride one of the bicycles parked alongside the wall in the enormous place.  The bicycles even had baskets and bells to ring.

I really think riding one along the 1/2 mile long building would have made my life complete.


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Olivia Cobian said...

Tell Adam I am dying to see a picture of you on one of those bikes! Better yet, I want a video...


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