Friday, March 28, 2014

Home again

We are home.

It is gray and wet and green.  So green.  And I know this isn't even green, for here.

Braeden and Emma were left home alone while we were gone.  The house is still standing and as far as we know they behaved tolerably well.  If there were shenanigans we'll probably find out in about 5 years.  (That's about when we told our parents what we got up to while they left us alone.)

I'm happy to be home.  I feel rejuvenated by the break and sunshine and time reading by the pool.  I am going to focus that rejuvenated energy towards laundry and restocking the larder today.

While we were away I kept my eye intermittently on the news from home.  There was a big mudslide that killed many people.  It is a little surreal to have our own county in the national news.  My heart goes to the people who lost loved ones or homes or both.  They are in my prayers.

Last night Adam and I spent more time learning about it and looking at pictures.  It is devastating.  I feel grateful for my safe family in my cozy home and I feel like the heavy gray sky over Snohomish county is appropriate for now.

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