Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Messy creative

Last Friday we went to The Lego Movie.  We'd all been looking forward to it and it definitely lived up to its billing. 

I loved the message that placed a high value on creativity and also acknowledged how messy creativity is.

When we got home, our boys went immediately to their room to build with Legos.  (Usually they go directly to the kitchen for a snack so this was different.)

For the rest of the weekend, when they had time, they were in their room with the door closed.  They hung up Keep Out signs (don't tell them this, but the signs are sort of superfluous--none of us really want to go in their room).

Saturday Braeden had a few friends over and three seventeen year old boys hunkered on the floor and played with Legos.

Monday I suggested...clean up?  That was met with a mix of horror and shock.  Didn't I understand the process?  They aren't in there every waking hour but it needs to be ready for them when they're ready to get back to their masterpiece.

a feeble attempt at a path from the door to the bed

And I'm OK with that.

I have messes all around the house that are works in progress.  I feel like I'm drowning if things get too messy around here but if everything were perfectly clean with no creative disorder, I think that would depress me.  Or just prompt me to make a mess...

Heather posted this on our writing facebook page.  I love my writer friends.  They get that creative=messy!

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Olivia Cobian said...

That room looked rather clean to me. I guess it's all relative...


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