Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A list

1-It was the last day of school here.

2-Braeden and two of his friends skipped school for awhile.  They sat around our kitchen table eating expired snacks from our 72 hour kits that need to be updated.  They also drank a lot of milk and laughed a lot.  Then they went back to school.

3- I try to muster the indignation to be mad at Braeden and make him stop skipping school.

4- But I kind of like him around.

5-Emma was sick and actually went to school but was miserable.

6- I introduced her to TLC's "What Not to Wear" on Netflix when she got home.

7- Mark engaged in wild Nerf gun battles with his friends in our yard.

8-I contemplated the chronology of some random photographs so I can date them before putting them in albums.  I have no idea.  2007?  2009? Does it matter? 

9- It feels like it should matter. (But does it?)

10- Braeden worked his first shift at the pool.  He came home happy and said he loved teaching swim lessons.  That reminded me of all the times I came home from my summer jobs and told my mom how much I loved them.

11- No, wait.  That never happened.

12- I made soup for dinner.  It seems like summer and we shouldn't be having soup.  But it's June.  In the Pacific Northwest.

13-The June Gloom is alive and well.
14- I didn't have a lot of the ingredients I needed for the soup.

15-Why does that always happen?  Believe it or not, I make a shopping list. I put in pepperoncinis and they saved the day.

16- Is there anything pepperoncinis aren't good in?

17-Maybe ice cream.

18-After dinner we played Parcheesi.  Since it's a four player game, Adam and I were on the same team.  You'd think our combined forces would have made us unstoppable.

19-They didn't.

20-Emma won.  She said, "And I'm sick!  Imagine how I would have won if I were healthy." I made her put the game away since she won.

21- She said, "But I'm sick."

22- It didn't matter.

23-We watched highlights of the U.S. vs. Ghana World Cup Soccer game.  Ouch.  Soccer looks painful.

24-Adam read aloud a few chapters from Wonder by R. J. Palacio.  I want my kids to read it but we all know how that goes so we're reading it aloud.

25- We watched Studio C.  It's always a delight.

Summer vacation 2014.  So far, so good.

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Olivia Cobian said...

I thought of Braeden today while Marcos and Ammon had their first swimming lessons of the year. I wish Braeden could be their teacher!


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