Friday, June 6, 2014

I'm still working on it

Braeden would rather be with his friends than at home.  When he does deign to grace us with his presence, he always wants to be where I am.   That's why yesterday afternoon when I was contemplating the contents of that same drawer, my U.P.P.T.I., he was sprawled on the floor next to me, working on his math homework.

He wanted to talk to me, which was fine except he also kept saying, "Mom, will you look at me when I talk to you?"

(It is absolutely impossible to neglect either of our boys.  They prevent it at every turn.)

Braeden also said, "Are you still working on that same pile of stuff?"

I said yes.  Going through mementos is not to be taken lightly.  There's a lot of reminiscing that has to happen.

I found something that brought memories cascading back.

When Mark was a little infant, the company Adam was working for was dying a slow and painful death.  We had been on half salary for awhile with no benefits while they were trying to resuscitate the company.  Finally the company died.  Adam was without a job and they also weren't going to pay us the money we were owed.

This was about the time Tabor and Katie were getting married.  We decided we couldn't go.   Of course we couldn't go.  Our cupboards were bare.  We had already been living on our food storage with very tight belts for months.  We were at the search for spare change stage.

Enoch called one evening and offered to buy me a plane ticket so I could go to the wedding.  At first my heart leaped with joy.  I wanted to go to the wedding more than anything.  It broke my heart to think of not being there.  Also it would be wonderful to get away from the stress we were in, if only for a little while.

Just as quickly, I decided I couldn't go.  Our little family was in a crisis and I couldn't abandon ship.  I would stay home and take care of my babies and keep looking for loose change.  I told Enoch thank you but I declined his generous offer.  I explained that I couldn't leave.  He understood.  He probably said something kind and supportive.

The next day Jennifer called me.  She told me to go to Safeway, a particular Safeway, and to go to the customer service desk because there was something there for me.

I had no idea what she could mean.

I went to Safeway, to the customer service desk which was right next to the floral department.  I wondered if Jennifer was gifting me with a plant?  (Now that seems bizarre but at the time, that's really what I considered.)

It wasn't a plant.  It was a Safeway gift card for $150.  I think I may have melted in a puddle on the floor of Safeway.  Then I walked through the aisles and filled my cart with food.  I bought all the food I needed but couldn't afford.  I remember I bought laundry soap.  We were about out and I had been fretting about needing more when we needed food too.  Suddenly having an enormous sum of $150 was really quite remarkable.

I don't need to save the gift card holder to remember the day Enoch and Jennifer rocked my world with their generosity.  But I'm still glad I have it.

I'm even more glad I have them (and their beautiful children).

Jennifer, Enoch, Luke, Savannah and Isaiah. This picture was taken last week on the day Luke was baptized.  If there's a gaping hole on Olivia's blog this morning it's because I stole this picture.


Marianne said...

Oh, this made me cry and cry. (I may be a little extra emotional today anyway.)

Olivia Cobian said...

What a dear post--it makes me cry too. This happened when Lili was in the hospital for months and the Johnsons gave us $100 out of the blue.

Jennifer said...

Part 2 of this story is that when we were in the depths of despair a few years later, we got a call to go to a specific Costco and pick up a gift card from the Davises. I remember there were instructions to buy something fun - I bought chocolate chips and was so happy. We love you.

Katie said...

I was so sad you couldn't be at my wedding, but am so happy to be part of this family.


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