Monday, June 9, 2014

One of these things is not like the other

Friday night Braeden went on a double date with three of his friends.  They tried to get all the details ironed out via texting but one of the girl's phones had been left somewhere and it was all too problematic to arrange.  They decided to go old school and figure it out in person.

Braeden picked up his date and it was her first date so Braeden had a sit down with her dad in the living room.  We had instructed Braeden to ask her parents about a curfew but that didn't end up being necessary.  He was given a curfew.  An early one.  (From me to you: thank you for the early curfew!)

They went to a movie theater, not the one Braeden would usually go to, but a different one because his friends all thought the Everett Mall was "too ghetto."  That mystified Braeden.

We talked about it the next day.  I said, "Maybe I can see why they would think it was a little ghetto."    There was that time I thought I was going to die at the Everett Mall. Braeden just shook his head.

They figured out what time they should see a movie based on the prescribed curfew.  Seeing that movie didn't leave much time for dinner.  With all the incredulity my expressive boy can produce, Braeden told me when he got home (early!  thank you parents!) that the three he was with decided to forgo dinner.  They didn't think they had time and they didn't think they needed dinner anyway.  They could get popcorn at the movie.

"No dinner!" Braeden said with emphasis, in case I missed the shock of it all.

This may be a good time to note that both of the girls are teeny tiny--shorter than Mark.  The other guy wasn't all that big either.  Braeden's...not tiny.  And in other news, he is always hungry.

After he dropped the girls off, Braeden and the other boy hit the grocery store.  


Olivia Cobian said...

I'm impressed he went to a grocery store instead of Alfy's.

Clarissa said...

I would have been in the grocery store group! :)


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