Wednesday, June 11, 2014

You don't have to read this...

...I am just writing because I want to blog every weekday.  It's my little goal I've set for myself that no one checks up on but it's like flossing.  A habit.

I wanted to post a slow motion video that Adam took of Mark because I love the video.

I can't make it work and Mark (who is grounded from all screens but I made an exception because I needed help) can't figure out why.  Adam is gone.  Emma is gone.  I'm left bereft of technological support.

I'm a little cranky (see above: Mark...) and a little tired because my writing group likes the night life and I'm a wimp.

But the sun is shining.  I took a nice walk with my friends.  School is almost out.  I have leftover chocolate cake.

Life is not bad even though this blog post sort of is.

But hey, I didn't miss a day.


Olivia Cobian said...

Some of us are checking up I'd like you to know.

JoLyn said...

We know book club is really over when Adam comes down and starts cleaning up. Just have him start coming down earlier:) I love book club, you, and the fact that you put up with us night owls.


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