Thursday, June 26, 2014

From a grateful mother

Dear scout leaders,

I came home to this spread on the floor:

Mark proudly told me it was their troop flag and it was his turn to "take care of it."  It would never occur to me to a) have a troop flag or b) send it home with the boys for tending but you two are geniuses.

Tuesday is hands down Mark's favorite day of the week and you're why.  I know enough to know that you probably don't enjoy it as much as he does.

A few weeks ago, when Braeden was picking up Mark from scouts, he reported to me his embarrassment.  He said "All I heard was Mark being wild and his leaders asking him to calm down."

When I emailed you and apologized and told you I'd come to scouts with Mark because that was NOT OK, you both emailed me back immediately and said he "wasn't that bad" and "it wasn't just Mark."  That was nice of you.  I didn't really believe you but it was nice of you to say.

I didn't want you to think that I doubted your ability to run scouts in any way so I decided to just hang around for awhile after dropping Mark off.  I'd read my book in the foyer and keep an ear on things.  I told Mark if I heard him being crazy, I'd yank him out of scouts in a heartbeat.  I sat to read but found myself listening to your meeting instead.  You were teaching the boys about internet safety and I heartily agreed with everything you said.  I was impressed and grateful because I know that since you are a million times more esteemed than me in the eyes of my boy, what you taught mattered to Mark.

So, you're not just really, really patient, you're also really, really good scout leaders.

I'll take care of the troop flag this week.  It's the least I can do in exchange for you taking care of my wild child.


A grateful mother


Olivia Cobian said...

I'm a silly mom of boys. This makes me cry.

Marianne said...

This made me cry too. I blame sleep deprivation.


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