Monday, October 31, 2016


Emma and I like to combine words to create a new word.  She's really good at it which surprises no one.  Emma + words.  Yesterday before church she was putting Fritos in a ziploc bag.  In answer to my query, she hadn't time for breakfast and was going to eat them during Sunday School.


"I will eat them discreetly," she promised.

"No one has ever eaten Fritos discreetly," I said,  "especially in Sunday School."

"I will," she said. "They'll be discreetos."

Which reminded me of the new blended word I'd heard, Booge, so I told Emma about it.  And that, in turn, distracted me from discreetos and guess who took them to church after all?

shaking head sadly

Booge comes from Superstore (a TV show, not an actual store) and it is a combination of Ebeneezer Scrooge and Halloween.  And it describes me perfectly.

When I was buying the smallest bag I thought I could get away with candy for possible trick-or-treaters, the thought popped into my head, "Halloween is a poor excuse every October 31 to pick a man's pockets."

And, yes, that's a variation on what our friend Ebeneezer said about Christmas.

Maybe three ghosts will visit me and cause me to mend my ways, but I doubt it.  Halloween is just to be endured every year.  (And I seriously wonder about people who claim it's their favorite holiday.  You've met the other holidays, right?)

So I don't love Halloween, but I do love Emma. (despite the discreetos)

And she wanted a Halloween party.

Saturday found us preparing things she had pinned on Pinterest.  The witches' hats and brooms and the little graveyard turned out OK.

The "fingers" were sort of a fail:

One of Emma's friends said they were maybe fat toes instead of fingers.  Which is sort of nasty and I apologize.

Thanks to Adri providing the cauldron and Adam providing the dry ice, the punch bowl was even festive:

I have exactly one Halloween decoration and it is that plug in Jack-o-lantern sitting on the counter there.

Adam and I slipped away to a restaurant but I felt 100% confident the group would be fine.  There's nothing that bolsters your confidence in a gathering more than when they, on their own, pray together before eating.

They are really good girls.

Halloween's ugly and unlovable but these kids are decidedly lovable.  Even when you're a Booge.

When we came back from dinner, the girl looking on Facebook on her phone there on the couch had arrived.  I didn't know her and I asked Emma later if she was a friend or had just wandered in for the Wifi.   She is a friend.  Sometimes you just gotta Facebook, I guess.


Anonymous said...

I bet you still get visited by at least three ghosts. Maybe more. I mean, it IS Halloween.

Olivia Cobian said...

For being a Booge, you sure know how to throw a Halloween party!


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