Wednesday, October 12, 2016

When you don't decorate for Halloween...

...sometimes the decorations come to you.


Monday morning I was gathering laundry in the bedrooms upstairs and noticed a big spider on the deck outside the downstairs windows.

As in a tarantula.

I did what anybody would do and grabbed my phone so I could take a picture.

I am not afraid of spiders.  They really don't bother me.  I am terrified of mice and it turns out that mouse sized spiders freak me out a little too.

I decided to get a ruler to better show the size (and let's be honest to get a better reaction out of Emma when I showed her the pictures).

Emma is afraid of spiders.

I texted her the spider picture:

She texted back that it was nice knowing me.

I tried to convince her to come back home.  She texted:

She's always wanted a cat.  Who needs a cat though?  We have Horace our metal goat and if we need something warm and fuzzy, we have that spider friend now too.

Except I don't know where he is right now.

And I am going to watch where I step when I go outside.

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