Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Not my email

I wish I could include all the political email that's been bandied back and forth between my family members.  Ha!  I'm kidding (kind of).  I love my family, even the ones who think I'm going to hell in a hand basket because of my misguided political views.  (You know who you are.)

Those are my email.  

The following...are not.

In case I was wondering how to fill my time I could learn the antidote to overeating by asking Tami:

My real question to ask Tami is, "Who did you think you were sending this information to?"

In case I'm interested in learning how to manage my money, I could watch a webinar from Mentor Financial Group:

Noticing the date, I think I missed my chance for financial freedom....

This email was very sweet and I wish I could send the love and concern on to Thelma:

But, like Carolyn, I don't know Thelma Yates' email address....

This one isn't even addressed to a Thelma.  It's for Harry.  More political stuff.  

I didn't take the official survey.  I also don't live in South Carolina.

Here I got confirmation for a lottery order.

If Mrs. Thelma Newham wins the lottery, I hope they'll also send me the money.

(Then I'll regret not participating in that webinar on finances....)

I think there is a cultural gulf that I'm not crossing with this one.  I don't entirely get it.

Finally, here's another tragic one for you.  I get a lot of these.  Thelmas, unaware of the fact that they don't know their email address, set up appointments at the Genius Bar to help them with things (like not knowing their email address) but they don't get the confirmation for the appointments.

Because I do.

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