Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tiny notes (to my family)

Dear Adam,

When I texted you that I didn't know how to use the TV (Netflix wasn't working!  The nerve! How am I supposed to get on the elliptical runner without Netflix?) and you 1) didn't mock me and 2) sent me detailed instructions and 3) tuned the cable to HGTV from work using your phone, I knew I was a lucky girl.

Dear Emma,

Well played.  It was a good idea to send the news that you had broken your phone (FOR THE THIRD TIME!) while you texted that you got cast in the musical!  Your first ever casting in a high school musical!  I'm happy for you.

Dear Emma,

Seriously.  Stop dropping your phone.

Dear Emma,

Your dad's comment was, "Maybe we should give Emma your phone and get you a new one?"

Dear Adam,

Sheesh.  I'm glad you love Emma, but you sort of came unglued when Braeden broke his phone that one and only time.  

Dear Braeden,

Your dad loves you too.  He writes you emails with the same intensity that he used to write papers in graduate school.  As in, you need to wait until he's finished if you want to talk to him.

Dear Mark,

You know you've weaseled your way into our hearts as well.  We would walk through fire for you.  And picking you up from school is the best part of my day.  Also, thanks for never dropping your phone.

Dear Emma,

I love when you come home from school in such a buoyant mood.  I am so happy for you!


Geri Davis said...

Dear Emma, there is an Otter Box for construction workers. Uncle Brian has never broken a phone.

Anonymous said...

Hooray Emma! I'm so happy for you! (The part--not the phone!)


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